Jack Dorsey’s ditched Twitter for bitcoin. Has the social media bubble burst?

2021.12.06 07:46 InstantIdealism Jack Dorsey’s ditched Twitter for bitcoin. Has the social media bubble burst?

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2021.12.06 07:46 FlyingLowSH Notlandung auf der Autobahnbrücke der A62

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2021.12.06 07:46 JunkieMo Rep. Ilhan Omar: Kevin McCarthy is a liar and a coward

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2021.12.06 07:46 Killarbee Pls help me choose one of these builds. Which on is better?

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2021.12.06 07:46 -Zextras- I just started using drones; what should I prioritize their jobs as first?

I had the goal of fully automating my ranch but with the 2 drone limit per expansion it's seeming like that may not be possible, so to automate as much as possible; what should I prioritize their objectives as (filling food, collecting plorts, etc..)?
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2021.12.06 07:46 marinemaisonenergy 🚿 🌡Thermostatic shower column - Colonne douche thermostatique🚿🌡

🚿 🌡The thermostatic shower column maintains water at a constant temperature (often pre-set at 38 ° C). It has two controls: one for regulating the temperature and the other for the water flow 🚿🌡
🚿🌡La colonne de douche thermostatique maintient une eau à température constante (souvent pré-réglée à 38°C). Elle possède deux commandes : l'une pour régler la température et l'autre le débit de l'eau 🚿🌡
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2021.12.06 07:46 gertinct 🐶 FlokiVengers 🐶| New Heroes NFT Token 💥 Marketplace & NFT Launch Incoming ✅ Doxxed Dev | BUSD Rewards | Join the Resistance! 🔥

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Growing more every day, 4 weeks since its launch.   
Avoid scams and rugs and join a healthy community 🦸‍♂️
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2021.12.06 07:46 CoinjoyAssistant Terra’s LUNA Token Breaks New All-Time High

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2021.12.06 07:46 CameronG95 Issue with sending videos having green bar and poor quality on Samsung S21

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2021.12.06 07:46 of-sexi Hi

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2021.12.06 07:46 Jimmy_Fallen copy that

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2021.12.06 07:46 Jealous-Room1323 IG Tools: 9+ Ultimate Apps For Growing Your Followers - DigiBackbone

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2021.12.06 07:46 pikcoolski r/Texas is a joke to true Texans..

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2021.12.06 07:46 Nephasis Pyright and Pylint?

Hello. I use LunarVim with pre-installed LspServer plugin. I installed pyright, but I can't force pylint to show smells/suggestions in the current file. I previously used coc-pyright and it worked just fine, but I don't want to duplicate plugins and I would really like to make it work in lsp-pyright.
Here is my pyright.json contents: {
"python.analysis.stubPath": "~/projects/config_files/typings/",
"python.analysis.typeCheckingMode": "off",
"python.linting.enabled": true,
"python.linting.pylintEnabled": true
Stubs and typeChecking works as intended, but pylint doesn't.
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2021.12.06 07:46 Soniya7554 Tips To Optimize Facebook Ad Campaigns #digitalmarketing #SEO #Blog

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2021.12.06 07:46 amidisse my girlfriend met with her ex

Hello there...
TL;DR: gf met with her ex accidentally, laughed around and acting very odd ever since.
I just wanted to vent around. My girlfriend was walking around the city coming to me and met with her ex accidentally, they stayed and talked for like 15 minutes and laughed around about what they are currently doing.
When she arrived at my place she told me about this, I was fine because hey we have a year together so I trust her.
But, the day went by and they followed eachother on insta again.
My girlfriend has been acting very odd ever since, in every way possible and my bpd intuiton tells me she kind of wants to end it with me and maybe go back to her ex.
We have many problems in our relationshp but she never acted this odd.
Yeah..so that's it...I know now one cares but I'm incredibly sad.
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2021.12.06 07:46 Naniiii55 Make sure to check out his channel he uses combos in his comments ;)

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2021.12.06 07:46 No-Bit-4149 Circus of the Lost NYE warehouse event in Leeds

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2021.12.06 07:46 Hamad-alhajjaji 💪💪💪

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2021.12.06 07:46 WonderMuffinMacLovin [Lore Spoilers] Youngest siblings out there how did this show make you feel?

During the first act a major contributing factor for Powders inferiority complex is being younger and less useful then everyone else. Vi has confidence and strength and knows her worth being raised by Vandor while powder is living in her shadow trying to prove her worth still.
I think a major reason Vi doesn't go completely nuts after the end of act 3 is because she had to always be the responsible and mature one, staying sane for every one else's sake she was used to staying strong no matter what But Powder as the younger sibling was just trying to prove herself and when she finally thinks she did it turns out she mega fucked up.
I personally think that Powder wouldn't of even become Jinx if she was the older sibling.
So I'm asking. Youngest siblings out there what did you feel about this show. Do you relate in any way?
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2021.12.06 07:46 ValtermcPires Garlic Jr should be on weekend banner right?

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2021.12.06 07:46 Mikaakira Advices on my (not yet started) career

Hello everyone ! I’m French and currently in a French Business School graduate program (called PGE in France). I got a bachelor in economics and management and did a year in Canada as an exchange student.
I would love to get advices from you guys about my future career in finance and what I should do to maximise my profile.
I’m a curious person and interested about a variety of positions but ideally I would love to get into an M&A analyst at a boutique or in an Investment Banking position.
In January 2022 I’ll start my gap year and I secured a 6 months internship as a "financing and treasury intern" in the financial direction of French company with 2Bn€ of revenus but the company is not famous. I already got an internship last summer but the one in January will be my first internship in the finance field.
Questions :
Since it’s a gap year I’ll have to do another 6 months internship in July and I was wondering first of all if my profile could interest U.S companies since I would like to get an internship abroad. Also is it common for French people to get to work in the US (with the visa thing and all) ? I know that summe off cycle internships are great but should I get an other internship before applying for these ?
If any of you guys works in finance in France don’t hesitate to give me your opinion about how my profile could fit for a role in a big bank or in a M&A boutique.
Thank you all for your advices don’t hesitate if you need more informations.
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2021.12.06 07:46 apocalypse31a5 Rashi Khanna

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2021.12.06 07:46 jcsymmes The Magical Christmas Tree is now out on Tubi TV

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