Which one would you like a Spin-Off of?

2021.10.28 11:58 rsonic17 Which one would you like a Spin-Off of?

Which one would you like a Spin-Off of?
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2021.10.28 11:58 mike-lesnik Patch 14.2 - DX12 still doesn't work, DX11E is still the best choice.

Patch 14.2 - DX12 still doesn't work, DX11E is still the best choice.

PC specs: 9900K 16Gb DDR4 4100 CL17 RTX 3080Ti 2560*1440 Win10 20H2
Game settings:
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2021.10.28 11:58 mrmills_45 On Halloween, I Was Caught In The Middle Of A Cryptid Hunt. [PART 3]

And just as he finishes his outburst, another figure crawls out from the pit nearest to us. Once again, the entity definitely had remnants of being human, but the skin on its hand was torn, ripped, and messily stripped off.
Its arm was even worse, with dirt falling from some of the open wounds and plants growing out of the remaining bits of intact flesh. But as I see the torn fabric in a dark blue color covering some of the upper forearm and above. I begin to quickly realize who this was. Or who they once were.
Agent Owen.
He effortlessly leaps over the edge of the pit, landing firmly on his feet in the road. There’s a silence, with the neighborhood and closest people being about a mile away, it seemed like help was not coming anytime soon. But I’m not sure what anyone besides the military or a freakin swat team would do in this situation regardless.
Agent Owen’s fake police officer outfit had been ripped to shreds. His face was so… Dead, monstrous even. He immediately glanced at The Ground Grabber with his now sunken eyes, a sinister look of acknowledgment. As if he were about to take great pleasure in what was soon to happen.
“Owen! What did he do to you!” An agent desperately inquires from behind the tall blue beast.
“Oh my god.” Another adds, lowering her weapon in disbelief.
The Ground Grabber then waves his left hand, signaling for Owen to go forward. He of course obeys, beginning to charge at his former comrades in an inhumanly fast sprint. Closing the few dozen feet of distance in seconds.
When he was still alive, I had heard him say something about a “Subject 16A.” on his radio. The blue creature, he must’ve been it.
The Ground Grabber then signals for Aaron and the one shoe man to come forward and join Agent Owen in his attack on the agents. Making his control over them clear. The agents scatter and begin to fire their weapons as I feel the grip on my arms completely loosened, both me and Carter now free to move as we please.
The Ground Grabber and 16A both begin to run at each other. With 16A oddly dropping down in a quadrupedal fashion and charging forward on all fours. Despite his seemingly bipedal body and bone structure, he appeared to somehow traverse the distance even faster when moving in this particular fashion.
The gunfire from the agents continues as Aaron, the one shoe man, and Agent Owen all converge on them, dashing to the sides, jumping into the air, and doing everything in their power to be as elusive and hard to hit as possible. And unlike The Ground Grabber, the few bullets that did hit them did not cause them any physical pain despite Aaron having one of his fingers shot right off. They did damage, but it wasn’t slowing them down at the same time. I assumed they probably required a headshot to die, and if that was the case, it would be extremely difficult to put them down due to their rapid, elusive, and well-thought-out movements.
Once 16A and The Ground Grabber are within around ten feet of each other, 16A jumps up off the ground and pounces onto the front of his bulky opponent, only for this move to backfire as Ground Grabber wraps his arms around 16A’s back and proceeds to body slam him right into the road. Cracking the pavement as a result. 16A fires back by lifting The Ground Grabber off himself and throwing him to the side. The Grabber colliding with my dad’s destroyed pickup truck and bending the metal as he does so.
I turn my head away from the spectacle of these two massive-sized titans duking it out and over in the direction of my dad’s corpse. Nothing could’ve prepared me for the aftermath of The Ground Grabber’s attack on him. I had watched plenty of horror films, many of them being movies about zombies. I had seen plenty of fake and scripted gore in my short life at the time and it never truly bothered me. But seeing it in person was a far different story.
For one, it was the mangled corpse of my own father, the man who had raised me, clothed me, fed me, and bathed me. The man who I had spent hours with up late at night with conversations about where my life would go and how he would be there to support me along the way. My first house, my first car, my first girlfriend. He always told me how he’d be there for all of it.
But it was all gone now, all those potential moments, laughs, and time to strengthen the bond between father and son just wiped from the face of the earth.
I wanted him to die old in his bed with me, my mother, and my older brother standing next to him. He deserved to leave this earth at peace, surrounded by his loved ones. But no, instead he was murdered, murdered by a hideous, disgusting monster.
I dart my eyes between both the remains of my dad and the gun, my heartbreak forming into a boiling pot of rage. Deep-seated anger at this thing that had taken him from me.
“What are you doing man! We gotta go!” Carter howls, yanking me by the arm. Barking at me repeatedly to get my butt moving and get out of there.
The gunfire from the agents still continues as they attempt to kill their dangerously quick assailants. Subject 16A and the Ground Grabber continue their scrap not too far away. 16A quickly running up a tree on all fours and then proceeding to pounce down on The Ground Grabber from above, violently tackling him before lifting him up and slamming him clean through the trunk of one of the trees.
He goes in for another attack, swinging with his right hand and slashing The Ground Grabber with his right claw along the left half of his body. Drawing that grotesquely colored blood as a result and causing the now further wounded beast to throw an uncoordinated blow to 16A’s chest as he wailed from the sting of the laceration. The resulting punch launching 16A several feet backward before he too collides with a tree trunk.
But I look away and back at the gun as Carter continues to practically holler at me like a banshee.
“They let us go! Come on man! We have to get out of here or we’ll die! I can’t let another friend of mine die!”
I don’t respond, not verbally anyway. I can’t muster up the emotional strength to speak to another human being, the only emotion on my mind was vengeance.
With tears forming in my eyes, I reach down and pick the gun up. Doing everything I can to avoid looking at all the peeled and raw flesh on the back of Dad’s corpse.
The pistol feels lighter in my hand than the first time I held it. Probably due to the intense rush of adrenaline that was flowing through me. I felt every possible emotion at once. But it was all driving me, driving me to point the weapon right at The Ground Grabber as he and 16A continued their scrap.
The Agents far behind still on the road were yet again having trouble hitting The Grabber’s disciples, transformed Aaron even got within a dangerously close distance of one of the agents without being shot in the head. Taking advantage of the golden opportunity as she ran out of bullets and attempted to quickly reload her rifle. Jumping up and biting her right in the jugular.
Even through the body armor she was wearing his rotted teeth sank deep into the woman’s flesh as she cried out with her gurgled scream, just before Aaron pulled back with his jaw still clamped down and ripped all the inner workings from her throat right out.
A spray of blood followed as she collapsed, no longer able to scream as Aaron stood above her dying figure and spit whatever was left within his mouth out. In his expression, there was not a single bit of regret or sympathy for what he had just done. Fresh blood and strips of flesh staining his disfigured lips.
The agent to her left however gets grabbed by the former Agent Owen, his hand wrapping around his throat and lifting him into the air before throwing him several feet backward, displaying his newly inhuman strength.
“I feel… Complete.” He announces as he walks toward his former comrade. “You should let him take you, it’s better in the end.” He follows up, curling his lips into a sinister grin.
“Go to hell. This ain’t the Owen I know. I know you’re still in there and you can fight it. But I’ve got a job to do” The agent replies with a violent cough, just before I see him reach into his utility belt and retrieve a grenade.
Owen pounces on him, presumably to tear him limb from limb in an agonizing death. But the agent was rather smart and resourceful, he held his grenade firmly in his hand just after pulling the pin off.
Owen completes his leap, now landing on top of the man and lunging downward with his mouth wide open and deformed teeth bared. It was clear he was going to meet the same fate as his female colleague, at least until he shoved his hand inside Owen’s mouth. The same hand holding the soon-to-explode grenade.
The agent lets out a bloodcurdling shriek as Owen clamps down on his hand, presumably disconnecting his fingers from their appropriate tendons and muscles. The sounds of bones crunching even being heard in between sections of gunfire and cries of desperation. As well as the roaring and snarling of both The Ground Grabber and Subject 16A. But the grenade soon explodes, killing both the resurrected version of Owen and the agent along with him.
Carter full-on wraps his arms around me, breaking me out of my mindless stare at all the chaos that was going on. Attempting to drag me away, I had noticed my gun was no longer even pointed at The Ground Grabber, as he and 16A kept up their fight and moved out of the path of where my barrel was pointed.
“Stop! Garret stop! Don’t do it! Don’t!” Carter orders, his grip tightening around my waist.
I throw my left elbow back into his chest, causing him to groan as I walk forward and aim my gun back at The Ground Grabber, who was currently holding 16A up against a tree with one hand wrapped around his throat. 16A struggled and kicked to get out, attempting to slash and lacerate him with his claws but to no avail.
“You are nothing.” The Ground Grabber growls with a cocky smile filled with teeth, following up his sentence by delivering a violent left hook to 16A’s jaw with his monumental-sized fist. A bit of blood falls upon his knuckles as a result, dark blue in color, the same tint as 16A’s skin. “Nothing but another fool in the long line of beings who have challenged me and failed. My children will kill your armed friends, but fortunately for you, you’ll be long dead before they fini-.”
The Ground Grabber is quickly cut off, suddenly dropping 16A onto the ground with a loud, cracking thud, as he had smashed through a branch on his way down.
He looks over at me, the barrel of my gun smoking and me standing there gritting my teeth, instantly regretting my decision. He puts his hand over his hairy upper left thigh where the bullet had penetrated, his signature black ooze of blood leaking, accompanied by his pained growls. I attempt to take a second shot, only for the gun to tragically click.
No ammo left...
“No! No!” Carter whines, backing up like a puppy whose owner had just come home and seen damaged furniture.
I do the same, only to hear the sudden and swift sound of Carter turning and high tailing out of there. I didn’t blame him, if I was gonna die, he didn’t wanna go down with me. But my mind had been so cluttered with the thought of revenge that I forgot the true danger and threat of what was in front of me.
In all honesty, I had tried to aim for his head, but my lack of both gun experience and upper body strength had sealed my now incoming fate.
The Grabber makes a fist, raising it high in the air as I attempted to back up, only to trip and fall like the clumsy, desperate, and young idiot I was. With my butt on the ground, I could only watch as he got ready to turn me into nothing but a pile of gore.
“Now, you will join your father, you irritating little nuisance!” He snarls.
And then it starts to come down, I close my eyes. Preparing for the only nanoseconds of pain before I was wiped from the face of the earth.
But it never came, instead, I reopened my eyes only to see 16A himself standing right in front of me. His left claw holding up The Ground Grabber’s right fist.
“Go, before you die.” 16A snarls without looking back, his battered and bruised body not holding him back from continuing the fight.
I immediately crawl in reverse, twigs and branches poking my hands while also tearing apart the cape of my costume.
16A shoves back against The Ground Grabber, lunging forward and slashing him three times in the face with his claws, blood gets drawn and The Grabber goes blind in one eye as it had been completely scratched out. Cursing 16A for what he had just done.
The Ground Grabber reaches up and wraps his large hands around 16A’s head. Attempting squeeze with enough force to crush his skull, only for 16A to counter this attack by throwing a punch hard enough to somewhat bury The Ground Grabber’s head into the very dirt it was previously resting on.
After this fails to get him out of the tight grip, he throws another powerful blow, and then another. Until I could visibly see his opponent’s blood on his knuckles and trickling down his claws.
But The Ground Grabber had enough, violently throwing his neck forward and headbutting 16A, sending him several feet both into the air and flying backwards.
I roll over to the side, saving myself from being crushed by the weight of this massive creature, despite how thin he was, I knew he still had to be at least two and a half times my mass due to his monstrous height.
16A quickly recovers turning and leaping onto a tree to begin running up it, presumably to perform a similar attack from above like he had earlier. But instead, he was caught by The Ground Grabber, who bashed him with the full weight of his much heavier body and then picked him up over his head before slamming him onto the ground right at his feet.
Before 16A could maneuver out of the way or get back up, The Ground Grabber stomped his left foot onto his chest, sending him an inch or two into the dirt as payback for the blows 16A had delivered upon him earlier.
I could hear an uncomfortable cracking in 16A’s chest as his foot made contact, even 16A snarled and bared his teeth, trying to hide how much agony it had truly caused him.
16A pierces his claws into the flesh of The Ground Grabber’s ankle, which works against him only slightly. Sure, The Ground Grabber definitely reacts the way you’d expect, lifting his foot and howling, but only for a brief moment before slamming it right back down. Making 16A desperately reach for something to grab to strike him with.
There the both of them were, battered, bloody, and heavily bruised. But the display was clear, the creature who was on my side all along, the one who set out to protect me. Had lost the fight.
“After your death, the rest of this town will follow suit, and soon after, this planet. Goodbye blue one, you too weren’t strong enough.”
The Ground Grabber raises his foot high above 16A’s head, presumably getting ready to smash his skull in. It looked like the end for him, that this would be it. And I would be next.
I got up and turned around to run, knowing that as soon as he finished off 16A, it would be my turn to meet a grisly fate, except I wouldn’t have a fighting chance without any significant weapon. And even then I had no idea what I was actually doing, I only really knew how to turn off the safety and pull triggers.
But just as I think all hope is lost, just as I wait to hear the sound of 16A’s skull being smashed into the dirt. A final short burst of gunfire crackles through the air, along with a loud, frustrated, and triumphant battle cry. Which was then soon followed by a ground-shaking thud.
I turn to see what had just taken place, not wanting to get my hopes up yet still being optimistic as to what would appear as a result of those sounds. But nothing could’ve left me more relieved than what I had laid eyes upon.
16A was still alive, albeit still with significant bruises and wounds. But for the most part, he seemed fine, he was able to slowly rise off the ground, granted he struggled here and there as he did so.
To his right was The Ground Grabber, who was now a corpse. His head a pile of brown and black mush from taking so many powerful gunshots to it. I felt my stomach churn as 16A bent over and began to quite literally feast on his deceased mass, ripping and tearing flesh along with muscle right off with his razor sharp teeth and claws. Slicing off chunks of skin and meat before inserting them into his mouth as he crunched and chewed loudly. Not a care in the world about who saw him doing so. Or at least… that’s what it looked like.
The Ground Grabber’s brains were definitely spilled, his oddly discolored and strangely shaped brain that is. Resembling more of an oversized piece of charcoal rather than anything close to the human brain structure.
But as to who had actually put an end to this wicked life form? Well, it was the last remaining agent. The one lucky woman of the four who hadn’t fallen victim to either The Ground Grabber or his transformed and rabid killers.
She dropped to her knees, letting out a heavy breath as her rifle fell to her side onto the street. 16A had seemed grateful for her action, although it seemed any emotional intimacy with humans appeared somewhat difficult for him.
“I did it for the bonus, not you. So don’t get all hyper.” She said rather harshly. Despite the fact, 16A had barely even said a word. He goes back to chowing down regardless. Everything that had happened, it was all finally over. At least physically anyway. I couldn’t imagine all the years of intense therapy it was going to take to un-scar my mind from all of this.
Regardless, he was dead. And so were his resurrected puppets. But plenty of blood was shed in the process. All three of the other agents were dead, one woman and two men. My friend Aaron was still gone from this earth. But part of me saw it as a good thing, a much more merciful fate than being trapped as a mindless slave for some other being.
The female agent grabs what appears to be a walkie-talkie, pressing a button on the side before speaking into it.
“This is Agent Amanda, the threat has been terminated. Three casualties on my location. I repeat, only both I and Subject 16A remain alive.”
A few seconds of silence pass, before a somewhat familiar male voice, responds.
“Sending a chopper your way with a recovery team, are there any witnesses? Have you terminated them?”
“Terminated?” I repeated to myself.
Oh no.
Before I can even think about turning around, I hear the agent shout my way.
“Stop!” She commands. Looking down the scope on her rifle after picking it back up, forcing me to put my hands up and stop dead in the tracks I hadn’t even gotten the chance to create.
I look at 16A, hoping he would be able to convince her otherwise. But he only holds his side after standing back up, still a bit of his own blood on his claws. He does make eye contact with me, however, his gaze being one of almost pity. Would he even know what that is?
“He should be able to go.” He surprisingly speaks up. His bassy voice contrasting with the agent’s lighter but firm one.
“You don’t make the rules freak!” She shouts.
She then approaches me after getting back to her feet, still making sure her weapon was trained on me. But she takes one hand off, reaching into her utility belt and pulling out some small vile of a strange, white liquid, popping off the cap as she got within reach of me.
She reaches out with her hand while holding the vile, putting the top of it just underneath my nose. Forcing me to inhale whatever fumes it was putting out. Fumes that caused me to become dizzy, my eyelids heavy as my muscles turned into glass. As if it was some strange variant of chloroform, which it probably was in all honesty.
Nonetheless, I blacked out. Only to awaken some unknown amount of hours or days later, strapped to some sort of a chair in what looked to be a highly sterilized interrogation room.
The walls and ceilings were a pristine white, but it was more than just about them being clean. It felt cold, lifeless, distant. No sort of color or personality present whatsoever. As if someone had sucked all the life out of this building if there was any to begin with.
My eyes still felt heavy as I attempted to get my bearings, wondering where exactly they had taken me. I honestly expected myself to be dead. Seen as they said something about terminating witnesses.
“Garret?” A voice I know all too well speaks, interrupting the deafening silence.
I turn, shocked to see Carter sitting to my right, tied up in a chair just as I was. The difference being he now possessed both a black eye and a bottom lip with dried blood on it.
“What did they do to you?” I ask with great concern. Still somewhat bitter about how he had abandoned me. I still didn’t entirely blame him, but it hurt nonetheless.
“M- more of them came.” He told me weakly. “Got me before I even made it home, I tried to fight back but it was stupid. They’re trained and grown, I was on the ground in like two seconds.”
I paused, not knowing what kind of response I could’ve possibly given that would make this situation any better. Truth be told I wasn’t the best at handling stress. This was just an entirely different ballgame.
But I never got the chance to even finish thinking about what it was I was going to say, as a door had opened and three people had entered the room.
The one in the middle was a woman of both average height and build, her outfit of choice being a lab coat and a plain shirt underneath. So I assumed her to be a scientist of some sort. She definitely seemed like she had quite a bit of authority just by her confident stare and the way she walked.
She was probably in her late thirties or so. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail with glasses that sat upon her face. In her hand, she held a binder, filled to the brim with all sorts of papers and documents.
The man to her right was on the taller side, but not freakishly large by any means. He was clearly older, definitely between forty-five to fifty. He wore a pristine grey suit. Dressed with the grace of a CEO, not a single wrinkle in it could be found.
And finally, to the left was the female agent who had captured me in the first place after everything that had gone down. She appeared to be finishing up a conversation with the man in the suit.
“We’ll have our hands on all witnesses soon Director. The tech department is combing through both the surface level and deep web for any traces of footage or civilian documentation regarding the mission assets. Anyone that threatens to expose things they shouldn’t know about will be taken care of. I can assure you.”
“Glad to hear it, now please leave the room. Doctor West and I have things to discuss with these two.” He replies with an unenthusiastic frown.
The agent obeys, turning around and pulling the handle to the same door the three of them had entered in through. A silence befalling the room until it once again closes and she exits.
“Hello, boys.” Doctor West greets coldly. Like a teacher talking to a student he despised.
“If you let us go we won’t tell the cops or anything we promise!” Carter spats.
The Director and Doctor West have next to no reaction to Carter’s words. Instead, The Director steps forward, confidence in his eyes.
“It wouldn’t matter if you did. I mean, you two of all people should know that. Do you know why?”
“Because you have agents in the police force,” I reply, attempting to display confidence of my own.
“No, that’s only a small part. You see, the police answer to us. Calling or telling them would be of no use to you. We are kind of like the police, except we enforce the laws of what should… And shouldn’t be here on this planet.” Doctor West goes on, opening up her binder and staring into it as she monologues.
“You boys saw things you weren’t supposed to, talked to people you weren’t supposed to. Normally we would just kill you and be done with it. Witnesses make things messy for us. And our jobs are already hard enough when we hunt down the beings and entities that should’ve never existed in the first place.” The Director adds.
“You don’t do it because you care about humanity, you do it for profit I bet!” I erupt. “My dad is dead because you guys suck at your jobs!”
“Your dad is dead because he made a foolish mistake. Hopefully, you’ll be smarter.” Doctor West cuts in. No regret in the callousness of what she just announced.
I feel my blood boil as she says it, every burning nerve in my body telling me to strangle her right then and there if I physically could. But there I sat, powerless to react in any way other than yelling and kicking.
“You see, we’d like to offer you boys to join us. Clearly, your curiosity and determination to stick your noses where they don’t belong could be useful if conditioned and trained properly. However, the alternative is I call one of my agents in here to come put a bullet in each of your heads.” Announces The Director with a stern, unforgiving tone.
“Work for you? First, off we’re only thirteen, second. Why would we want to do that? So we can be sent in to kill these things that will tear us apart like those other agents?” I grill rather forcefully.
“You don’t.” Doctor West replies. “But it’s your only option. You will be paid and given benefits, and we won’t send you out on any missions until you’re at least eighteen. Can’t have two emotional teenage boys out there anyway, but just know you will never have contact with the outside world or your families again.”
“No! Our friend got turned into one of those things and died because of you guys!” Carter bellows.
“Is that your final answer?” Doctor West inquires.
Carter then suddenly closes his mouth, realizing the gravity of the situation and choosing his next words carefully.
But both The Director and Doctor West shoot each other a glance of mutual annoyance at our indecision and inaction. Coming to the conclusion that it was best to leave the two of us alone for the time being.
“Come on Ted.” West nags. “Let them think about it. If they don’t have an answer by the time we come back… Well, they know what’ll happen.”
Ted, The Director, whatever his name was nods in agreement. Although still looking painfully annoyed himself as well.
“I’ll give you boys some time to really consider what kind of decision you’re making here. Hopefully, you choose correctly, if not. Then say farewell to each other before your termination. If it’s a yes, however... Well, then I guess I’ll have to get you guys started on your training and formally welcome you.”
“A welcome that wouldn’t be warm at all.” I thought to myself.
“Welcome us to what? What is this all truly?” Carter asks in a rather rhetorical manner. But Ted still answers him regardless.
“A welcome… To The Agency…”
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2021.10.28 11:58 gvader24 Was inspired by u/cactus_blossom26’s post. My dad’s ‘01 GT and my ‘04 GT. He’s since sold his and I upgraded to a ‘16 GT.

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2021.10.28 11:58 elinaa99 Heeej, är en tjej på 20 år som säljer fotbilder och videos för ett rimligt pris. Storlek 36 i skor och oftast målade tånaglar & inoljade fötter. Adda mig på kik ( elinasfotter ) & hör av dig😘

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2021.10.28 11:58 manuelptt [USA-GA] [H] 3070Ti Founders Edition [W] Local Cash or PayPal

Reupload : Timestamp up-to-date.
Hi, used it for about a 1-2 weeks before finding the White 3070 i wanted.
$920 local Savannah, GA - cash
$950 Shipped - Paypal (Also have it on eBay. Which ever is first)
P.s use to have a 750w PSU had to upgrade to 800w PSU to get it running. Just in case
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2021.10.28 11:58 litgrizzly Have Mercy

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2021.10.28 11:58 flowerpow11 dating after breakups

I’m talking to a guy that I met on a dating app and we have a date planned for saturday. he recently told me that he broke up with his ex three months ago and their relationship was really toxic and he’s really happy to be out of it. they only dated for a year but there seems to be a lot of history I dont even know about.
I’ve had friends get out of bad relationships and start dating pretty soon after so I know it’s a possibility, but I’ve never even been in a relationship or even dated before. I’m thinking wayyyyy to far into the future bc honestly what if we don’t vibe on our date or it just doesnt work out, but should I prepare for him to not be ready for a relationship?
we met on a dating app im assuming he’s dating other people. I’m not just because I wasn’t seeking actual dates, I just really liked him so I continued to pursue our conversation.
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2021.10.28 11:58 smashtilDawn Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni CH2: Watanagashi-Hen - Chapters 9-12 (Final) (See review in comments section)

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2021.10.28 11:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - US economy grew just 2% in Q3 as consumer spending slowed | Times of India

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2021.10.28 11:58 lucidanecdote Is collecting worth it?

I collected so many cards as a kid and I inherited tons more. 95% of them aren't worth shit. I wanted to get in the hobby with my son because I enjoyed it as a kid, but with how many cards are produced is it even worth it? Are there packs you can buy that have rare inserts that may be worth something when he gets older? I'm just curious if collecting is even worth it at this point. It sure seems like I wasted my time when I was younger. I can't sell anything I have.
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2021.10.28 11:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - China and the US expected to strike conciliatory chord at G20 summit amid need for global economic cooperation | South China Morning Post

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2021.10.28 11:58 sadbinchhours hi 17f dm me 🥰🥰

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2021.10.28 11:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Protester jailed for 27 months over rioting during 2019 march approved by police | South China Morning Post

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2021.10.28 11:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Morgan Stanley downgrades Indian equities over valuations | Times of India

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2021.10.28 11:58 Glass-Blackberry6474 Is my calcualtion correct for this question?

if my calcualtion isn't correct can you please correct, or give me some hint please thank you
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2021.10.28 11:58 AgentLightAxe Help! Around turn 150 in Cloud Multiplayer Game with a friend. Game starts loading, shows leader screen for several seconds, then this!

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2021.10.28 11:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - PM Narendra Modi to visit Kedarnath on November 5 to inaugurate key infra projects | Times of India

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2021.10.28 11:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Man dies of pneumonia after Hong Kong police seize trousers as evidence but do not accept replacement pair from daughter | South China Morning Post

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2021.10.28 11:58 mentaldestroyer69 Is revenge worth it?

I have never had a gf but i know that love exists, i see it everyday. I just doubt that it will ever happen to me, i see that some girls take the iniciative to talk to someone who they have a crush on, but that has literally never happenned. Maybe i didnt notice it, but i doubt that is the case.
So my point is, if i am never gonna be loved By someone truly, when i have a relationship should i just not care and cheat? It wouldnt matter since no one cares right?
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2021.10.28 11:58 CrowneeFC Messi Magic Crazy Dribbling Skills and Goals HD 2003 2021

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2021.10.28 11:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Nykaa IPO subscribed 1.55 times on first day of offer | Times of India

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2021.10.28 11:58 Deskface Kronii in Persona 5 All Out Attack style by me! I'll be doing the rest of the council too so stay tuned~

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2021.10.28 11:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Son of Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan granted bail, as supporters allege religious persecution | South China Morning Post

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