Blood Mirror

2021.09.22 18:39 thurmed Blood Mirror

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2021.09.22 18:39 Historical_Rip_3307 Goat media

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2021.09.22 18:39 AeroStuff27 Personal FPV Distance Record with my homebuilt FPV Plane - Enjoy!

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2021.09.22 18:39 Lunarcry [EU][BUYING] Bakemonogatari manga 1-9, Btooom 16/18-20/22-27, Gantz 1-18, Terra Formars complete, Dorohedoro complete, The Promised Neverland complete

Preferably within the EU to avoid crazy shipping and even crazier customs/taxes. Let me know what you have and price!
Thank you.
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2021.09.22 18:39 NotQualifiedYet What was something strange you saw in your neighborhood that made you want to call someone?

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2021.09.22 18:39 Demeht Facebook Pixel/Event/Match Rate - Help Needed

Have had pixel issues for a week or so, firstly, FBs Pixel Helper (pictured) says 'we detected event code but the pixel has not activated for this event', yet, when i went through the purchase journey on our website and tested 'test browser events' via data sources in ads manager, everything was fine (pictured). This was last week, today, nothing is registered when testing via browser events.
Our pixel is also connected to our catalog as a data source, we have hundreds/thousands of products on our site - yet only 12 items are showing?
Lastly, event match rates are shocking (again, pictured).
Can someone please diagnose the issue(s) so i can get back to the developer. What confuses me is that the helper is indicating nothing is firing/activated at all, yet the catalog has 12 items in it and the event match rate says 71% of views cant be re targeted (29% can?).
Appreciate any help with this, many thanks!
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2021.09.22 18:39 meowens8505 He’s the bleeping lizard king

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2021.09.22 18:39 reddituser4300 Alternatives to dining table set - products or thoughts? I have bar seating and this room is connected to the living room on the other side. Not sure if I need/want a table in here.

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2021.09.22 18:39 Ataraxia_no_Drache Me trying not to automatically open every spoiler post now that Lost Judgment is out

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2021.09.22 18:39 shortlilrope SteFinn (“Finn”) is having trouble swimming… How can I help him?

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2021.09.22 18:39 lourzon What is the scariest nightmare that you had?

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2021.09.22 18:39 Jackjack277777 :)

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2021.09.22 18:39 Perioscope Here's a fun one

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2021.09.22 18:39 Fort_Master Diplomatic Shortage!! - Europa Universalis IV: Castile Ep. 34

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2021.09.22 18:39 Paoqoirnahs What's the name of the song Jarvis put over the devious licks TikToks?

In this video Jarvis shows a couple of TikToks but there's a different song edited over them, does anyone know the name of it? Tried Shazam but no dice.
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2021.09.22 18:39 nitromedusa 🌲 Wood Token🌲 Just Launched 🌲30x Already 🌲 95k Market Cap 🌲 Saving the world one tree at a time 🌲 Ticker: WOOD 🌲 Uniswap V2 ETH/WOOD 🌲 Tongass NFT’s Sale Incoming 🌲

There are roughly 3.04 trillion trees 🌲 in the world. Roughly 15 billion trees 🌲 are cut down each year. Wood Token plans on ♻️ reducing that number ♻️ with our new DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Wood Token will act as a governance token and holders of WOOD will be able to either vote to burn 🔥 WOOD or give it to charities that stop deforestation.
15 billion wood will be burned 🔥 or donated out of the reserves monthly 0.4934%. This will represent the number of trees 🌲 cut down every year. Wood Token aspires to adopt a long-term burn 🔥 strategy that is both beneficial and rewarding for everybody involved. Additionally, the total quantity of Wood Token burned is displayed on the website, allowing for greater transparency in determining the current circulating supply at any one time.
Wood Token is ERC-20 Token trading on Uniswap V2 with an EHT/WOOD Pair
🚀 Total supply 3.04 trillion WOOD to represent the number of trees 🌲 in the 🌎 world.
🚀 35% Reserves for charity (1.064 trillion) 🚀
🚀 30% Public launch (912 billion) 🚀
🚀 20% Founding team (608 billion) 🚀
🚀 10% Exchange reserves (304 billion)
🚀 5% Marketing (152 billion) 🚀
🚀 Initial burn 🔥 15 billion 🚀
Transactions will be limited to 0.5% of 3.04 trillion (15.2 billion). This is in place to stop whales from accumulating to quickly and to prevent large token holders from dumping their shares and crashing the price.
There will be a 0.304% transaction fee on all transfers. This fee will be sent to the charity/burn 🔥 wallet as a deflationary mechanism.
WOOD’s ultimate goal is to save the trees🌲, save humanity 👼 and to save the planet 🌎. In order to do this wood is going to create an ecosystem where carbon credits can be minted as NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens) and traded on the open market.
Carbon credits (or carbon offsets) are measurable, ♻️ verifiable emission reductions ♻️ from certified climate action projects. Projects that create carbon credits ♻️ reduce ♻️, eliminate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or take action to prevent it from happening.
These carbon credits can be bought by Amazon, Apple or General Motors to offset their carbon emissions. The above companies pledged to go carbon neutral by 2040. In order to do that they need to buy carbon credits to offset their emissions.
Wood Token aims to position itself as a 🌎 blockchain solution 🌎 for the carbon credit marketplace that is set to explode in the upcoming years. 🤑
WOOD Token will be selling 100 limited Tongass NFT’s in the near future. Join our social media for more updates on the release schedule
💚Join the Wood Token community today and buy Wood for Good. 💚
You can buy by using the link:
Contract Address: 0x2d68c277341409dC8514273713a06de0563CEeD8
Transaction Limit: you can only 🤑 buy 🤑 15 billion at a time (15000000000)
Uniswap Version: make sure to switch over to V2 instead of V3
Increase Slippage: click the settings icon and increase the slippage to over 5 percent
TLDR: click the website, click the buy button, connect metamask, increase slippage over 5%, don't buy over 15 billion and save the trees
💚Join the Wood Token community today and buy Wood for Good. 💚
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2021.09.22 18:39 abomniableartichoke Need 1 friend for mission

Title says it all, can someone toss me a friend request? I need it for a quest and im already friends with all my roomies, coworkers and park regulars
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2021.09.22 18:39 Simple-Dot-2834 Možda glupo pitanje, meni to potpada pod higijenu, netko bi rekao pod ludost

Perete li ruke kad dođete kući? Otkad znam za sebe čim uđem u kuću prvo što napravim je operem ruke (dobro, drugo, nakon izuvanja). Nebitno gdje sam bio, makar i samo prošetao. Nedavno sam počeo gledati druge ljude i čini mi se da sam jedan od rijetkih s tom navikom. Ne znam, možda sam ja čudak, ali mi je logično da kad dođem izvana operem ruke, pa onda mogu i jesti i šta god hoću. Kad sam ovo napisao i pročitao, sam sebi zvučim kao friiik... :-/
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2021.09.22 18:39 SoloDeep5150 ....Falling away from me. (G0!!)

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2021.09.22 18:39 CodrinMIC Is there a rule against reaching over the obstacle bar in freight frenzy?

I saw every robot in x hours till now go over the bar and i think it may be better to just reach over it and grab the boxes, what do you guys think?
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2021.09.22 18:39 matunsolar Help

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2021.09.22 18:38 Zintoatree Where is a good location to mount a fire extinguisher in a G35 sedan? I'm trying to keep the interior mostly stock looking other than steering wheel, fire ext, and hydro.

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2021.09.22 18:38 Browns12346 Getting my haircut today. Which style would fit my long face/ bad hairline?.

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2021.09.22 18:38 mommaofcats Can’t login too my patreon please help !

I haven’t been able too log in for days. I know I have the right password and email that’s not the problem. The problem is when I try and login on my computer it says that it’s sending me a verification code too my email. I go too my email and nothing. I’ve checked spam and trash. I’ve resent it. I added Patreon too my contact list so they wouldn’t get lost in the email. What can I do now ? Should I email Patreon?
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2021.09.22 18:38 HokiesOPTC I’m struggling with the ms marvel node in DD3

I don’t know much about this sub but I’m looking for help, I have ultron and mr. sinister and BB and sif and hela and Loki to use, but i can’t beat the node, I’ve been struggling with it for months
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